What is Zero Gravity?

Zero Gravity is a revolutionary new concept , a social media platform built exclusively for network marketers. A fully automated system that practically builds your complete downline. It is a system tha turns network marketing into a failure proof business using a reverse strategy approach.

Is Zero Gravity a network marketing company?

No. Zero Gravity is a downline building system. The network is built and organized before we join any program. This approach eliminates the need to recruit after you enroll with a company since your complete downline is built in advance for you using existing members in the network. This approach guarantees a perfect matrix.

How does the system work?

When you join Zero Gravity, the automated system assigns you a number based on the order you join the platform and that number is your member / enrollment ID. This assigned number places you in a pre built matrix that will be replicated when we join any company. The system assigns you to a sponsor and your downline is also assigned to you and once a company is selected, we join that company in the same order by simply passing our link to the assigned downline. Since your downline is already positioned in the pre built matrix, enrollment with any company can be done relatively fast and you can start generating money relatively fast and achieve rank advancements overnight. AMAZING!

How do you determine who's my sponsor or downline?

Our developer set up a patent pending software that helps you identify with pin point accuracy who's your assigned sponsor as well as your downline simply by plugging in your assigned number, our software will tell you who exactly you are connected with. You simply need to find your sponsor. Your downline will find you pretty much the same way.

I am already involved in a business, why would I want to join Zero Gravity?

For a lot of network marketers, there business has reached a plateau where not much is happening. Zero Gravity gathers all those network marketers as well as those wanting to give network marketing a try all under one roof. The system organizes them and a company is selected and we all join that company at once and the success is instantaneous. then we use the reverse startegy to ensure that those at the bottom are making money in a second company. If we don't take care of those at the bottom the entire matrix will quickly collapse. To get full access and have a number that places you in the matrix, you must be a registered member.

I am involved with a company , How can my company be selected?

We encourage all members joining the system to list their company. All those companies will be reviewed and the 2 companies with the best comp plan will be selected.

Why do I have to pay a fee to join?

This system has been tested and results are guaranteed. Our membership is valued at 300.00 USD. However, to speed up the growth, at the pre launch phase, and for a limited time, it is only open to FOUNDERS by invitation only at a rate of 19.95 USD for a LIFETIME membership. Following pre launch, membership will increase to 199.00 USD for all new members. 

additionally, that signup fee is your contribution to help build the platform quickly . This membership fee gives us the leverage to invest  in google adword as well as social media paid advertisements

What would it cost to enroll with a company?

Now that no company has been selected, we can not give you a set figure on what the enrollment amount would be. We are doing our best to keep the initial investment under 200.00 USD. The beauty of it is that with the network already built, when a company is selected, the moment that you enroll and pay the enrollment fee to the selected company you will already have hundreds in your pre existing downline waiting for their links which translates into money in your bank account instantly.

How can I help get the word out?

During the pre launch phase, registration to Zero Gravity is strictly by invitation only and it is open exclusively to founders. We want to allow those serious about building their business an opportunity to be the first to position themselves. The system is designed to benefit all members. However, when you join as a founder you are the first to benefit, since everything starts with you. As a founder, you can help spread the word by inviting your network and most importantly spread the word across the internet.

What is the cut off number?

We do not have a cut off number nor a cut off time. The system is being built to infinity. However the reverse startegy will gradually be implemented to ensure that those at the bottom of program one are making money in the second program while their matrix is continually expanding in program one.