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Decentralized peer to peer crowdfunding platform

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Level The Playing Field
Introducing Xfinity, a truly decentralized peer to peer networking platform based on smart contracts that connect people from across the globe. A system that creates a level playing field where everyone WINS!
Why Join Zero Gravity
Zero Gravity is a revolutionary team building social community. The first ever to build your entire team and opens up the limitless possibilities of the new economic system. Our combined approach eliminates all the risk as well as the need to recruit.
Is there a Membership Fee
Yes. The fee to join Zero Gravity is set at only $14.95 a year. Your annual membership buys you a winning spot. Finally, a system that puts you in complete control. Join us today and let our system build your complete downline.
Do you Own a Cellphone
Technology is moving at a very fast pace. Here you are given the secret recipe to turn your cellphone into your own personal banking system. Secure your position and let our system do the heavy lifting for you. Sign up today!
Absolutely no Risk
The complex world of Smart Contract just got a lot easier with Zero Gravity. A totally done for you matrix system where your entire team is built for you. Imagine a system that does the heavy lifting for you with NO RISK ever!
What are the Benefits
You now have the tool to harness an industry with endless possibilities. We have combined two powerful systems into one to bring you results that one can only imagine, Join us today and let us put your bank account on steroids!

Blockchain - Based

A  Decentralized Peer to peer Crowdfunding System

As the world is facing a crisis having huge impact on the global economy, Zero Gravity in partnership with Xfinity Global is proud to introduce a new kind of crowdfunding opportunity. A completely decentralized mechanism with total transparency for individuals across the globe to quickly and easily raise funds.

The disruptive blockchain technology, with decentralization at its core makes it easy to raise funds with full confidence.

    Zero Gravity your Best Option

    New to Smart Contract? Struggling to build a team?  We've been where you are, we understand this all too well, so we built a system that resolves all the issues that you've experienced with recruitment.

    Zero Gravity's team positioning algorithmic pattern is the most powerful and revolutionary tool in the industry. A fully tested system that builds your entire team, eliminating the need to ever recruit anyone. Simply position yourself and allow our system to do the heavy lifting.

    Take advantage of Zero Gravity's social team building platform and experience the kinds of results that one can only imagine.






    Finally a totally done for you system with guaranteed success

    Absolutely Risk Free
    Open code of the smart contract is laid out on the Binance Chain. Cryptocurrency the digital gold is international and decentralized. We have simplified the system to make it transparent and accessible to everyone.
    System Can not be Hacked
    It is impossible to change the algorithm or delete the accounts of the participants. The system is able to work without a website. The site is only needed for convenient display of statistics.
    Instant Pay - No Cheating
    Xfinity is a true peer to peer platform. Money is not stored in the system. All transactions are 100% from wallets to participants' wallets. Wallets are anonymous and payments are sent directly to participants' wallets instantly
    Passive Income Every 90 Days
    Finally, a smart contract that builds your entire team giving you the opportunity to passively earn hundreds of thousands every 90 days by simply pressing the "repeat" button. It doesn't get any easier than that!
    Best Smart Contract Ever
    Having two converging technologies, a smart contract and a team building platform with an algorithmic pattern that builds your team makes Xfinity Global the absolute best smart contract ever.
    Simple and Fast Marketing
    Binary Matrix 5 lines - 62 partners in a team are enough to go through two cycles and earn 1500 ETH each. No recruiting - Links are simply past down from member to member based on the system preset algorithm.

    Introducing A brand New smart contract

    A smart contract is a computer program or a transaction protocol which is intended to automatically execute, control or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement. A smart contract also can be regarded as a secured stored procedure as its execution and codified effects like the transfer of some value between parties are strictly enforced and can not be manipulated once it is stored into a blockchain or distributed ledger.

    The Challenge to build a team is over. Zero Gravity has entered into an alliance with Xfinity Global our smart contract partner to bring you something never before seen in the space. With Zero Gravity's team building algorithmic pattern, your entire team is built for you in a perfect matrix and thus eliminate the need to recruit.

    While smart contracts are great tools to increase your crypto portfolio, the secret lies in building a perfect matrix. When building  organically, even leaders in the space find it difficult to build a perfect matrix. Combining the  power of Zero Gravity's team building algorithm and Xfinity's decentralized binary smart contract, we end up with a perfect matrix, a winning solution for all - A true game changer.

    Decentralized Smart Contracts Combined with a Team Building System

    Xfinity Global Official Launch | Secure Your Spot!
    Fasten your Seatbelt for a game changing opportunity. Secure your position today!

    The Winning Formula

    Are you tired trying to convince the same friends or family members every time you move from one program to the next? Zero Gravity's fully automated system is your solution. A system built just for you to eliminate all the roadblocks associated with building a team. With an innovative system and a collaborative community, Zero Gravity  empowers thousands of users across the world. Simply secure your spot, our system will do the building and you reap the benefits.

    • No recruitment ever!
    • No selling! No Hype!
    • A community where financial freedom is not just a promise
    • Not a get rich quick scheme

    Time to be Part of Something Bigger

    It is not a secret that COVID has changed the world, it is not a secret that everything that was working before COVID has not quite adapted to the new situation. It is important however to find something that works,

    That is where Zero Gravity MLM can help. A social networking team building community for  that puts you in complete control. A community with a fully automated system that builds your entire team. Take advantage of the most powerful tool in the industry, join the thousands who have already joined our platforms and enjoy the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

    Just getting started with smart contracts? Join a community with a proven and tested blueprint for financial freedom. A community built just for you where your success is guaranteed. As a multi layered and multi dimensional wealth building system, we make your vision our mission.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Zero Gravity?
    Zero Gravity is a fully automated revolutionary team building system. A social media team building platform built just for you. A system with an algorithmic pattern that builds your entire team, eliminating the need to recruit. .
    Is Zero Gravity a Smart Contract?
    No. Zero Gravity is a team building system with an algorithmic pattern for success. When you join Zero Gravity, your entire team is built for you. Now, you have access to a fully automated system that turns smart contracts into a failure proof opportunity.
    How Does it Work?
    When you join our community, the system assigns you a number. With your ready made team, we launch enrollment with Xfinity our crowdfunding partner. Links are simply passed down to your assigned partners until the last member registers.
    How do I make Money?
    Zero Gravity only partners with platforms built on a binary matrix. You get paid instantly on partners that are directly coded to you as well as those coded to your partners 12 levels deep.
    Why is the Focus on Binary Structures?
    We love binaries. The binary structures work best with our algorithm. With a binary structure you only need 64 members in your downline to maximize the comp plan. All 64 members will be assigned to you by Zero Gravity.
    If I am the last to join, how do I earn?
    This is the amazing aspect of our system. our unique algorithm makes it possible to reverse the matrix and members at the bottom can be placed a the top of a new matrix, thus benefiting every member of our community.

    The First Ever Smart Contract with a Ready Made Team